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 KYC Verified
KYC Verified



GASC this token is to develop an ecosystem with existing pool of professional core technicians from the development team to prevent scams and also bring in people who committed it before the law.
GASC also offers a reward to those who finds out the crypto fraudsters and takes initiation to bring them to the pertaining law enforcement agency.
The GASC provides an opportunity to Crypto users to submit info about tokens which are scamming and post investigation if it appears to be true, the first informant will be rewarded. GASC also declares the accused project as SCAM.










Is created by global professional technicians by sharing their experiences and technology

  • Experience with the top blockchain.
  • TechnologyResearching high quality of the material required for a particular blockchain project.
  • Designing and developing applications using blockchain Technology.
  • Testing and troubleshooting the blockchain-driven projects.
  • Back end and front end application maintenance.
  • Evaluating blockchain applications.
  • Fully implemented and involved in the blockchain ecosystem for integrating the latest possible improvements.
  • Provide solutions for the existing blockchain platform used. Proficiency in programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, C# (this
    mainly depends upon the project).
  • Experience in working with codebases.
  • Hands-on experience on open source projects.
  • Standard algorithms and data structures knowledge.
  • Basic understanding of Cryptography.
  • Familiarity with peer to peer networks.
  •  like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Having the capability of writing multiheaded code.



One of the traits that scammers love about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, is their allegedly untraceable nature. Once they steal the funds, fraudsters figure that the victims cannot recover them.

We have professional technicians from all over the world, and GASC also offers a reward to find out the fraudsters and hand them to the local law enforcement agency.

Cryptocurrency Fraud

Fake Exchanges, Exit Scams

While most digital assets are decentralized to some degree, investors can only buy them through exchanges, which are, for the time being, centralized bottlenecks. For now, the regulatory standing of most cryptocurrency exchanges is murky at best. Some exchanges may turn out to be traps, which is why cryptocurrency experts caution against keeping significant funds in exchange accounts.

Exchange scams may use imposter websites as well. They hijack the reputation of well-known exchanges to allay the suspicions of their would-be victims.  

ICOs, MLMs, and Pump-and-dumps

Acting as the engine of the 2017 crypto boom, the ICO craze allowed everyone to back the blockchain project of his/her choice, unhindered. While the ICO boom did create a few potentially useful projects and solidified the standing of some altcoins, it also acted as a free-for-all for scammers.

Scores of people, including celebrities from all walks of life, pulled off pump-and-dump schemes, scamming would-be early investors out of millions upon millions of dollars.

This quirky period in the history of the crypto industry put the creativity of scammers, hackers, liars, and run-of-the-mill con artists on full display. The scams of this era covered various shady altcoins that some people chose to promote using the power of their celebrity status within the crypto world. Exit scams abounded. Multi-level marketing techniques and pyramid schemes made their way into ICOs, convincing many through these time-tested methods to give up their hard-earned dollars.

It may seem like the golden age of crypto fraud is upon us.

Let's Bring together blockchain technology & Finance

The ultimate goal of GASC is to become a blockchain technology to give us the opportunity to make your financial growth faster and get better returns.





name:Global Anti Scam Crypt

Symbol : GASC


Tax Fee = 6%
Redis Fee =4%


TOKENS: 100,000,000,000,000,000

  • Burned at launch 30%

    Burned at launch 30%

  • Air Drop 2%

    Air Drop 2%

  • Liquidity Pools 38%

    Liquidity Pools 38%

  • Final Burn 30%

    Final Burn 30%


PHASE 1 2021
Lauch on pancakeSwap and strong community Launch Website Initial Marketing
PHASE 2 2022
AMA, Partnership with Influencers Avedex Trending Build community 2500 GASC Army COINGECKO listing
PHASE 3 2022
Start Auditing projects, Release a full functionality website ,Start Anti scam channels .
PHASE 4 2022
Consolidate Branding, Improve & Expand auditing processes, Crypto scam market disruption and Offer a reward crypto scam projects.

TEAMAlong with team members in North America, South America and Asia, GASC is setting an example of how to manage a fast-paced global team in the blockchain industry. The team consists of skilled software engineers, seasoned financial experts and creative marketers.

Cofounder & CTO


Columbia University in the City of New York
director of developers, masters degree in IT data analysis, has worked in IT for over 20 years with experience in networking and codes as well. computer engineer certification
Telegram: @GASCCOIN

Cofounder & CEO


North America sector developer, bachelor’s degree in marketing and focuses on marketing campaigns.

Telegram: @gascoins


Andrew Slokinsky

Europe sector assistant developer, masters degree from university of southern
california in psychology and cyber security.


Lian Shu

Asian sector assistant developer, with years of experience in web forum
integration and tools.


John Colin

North America sector consultant, honor graduate of St. John’s University
School of Law specializes in government regulations and cyber security laws


Catherine Huang

Technology consultant degree

henzhen Fumeilin Technology Co., Ltd

Masters in Information technology
from Tsinghua

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